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  • Wide-ranging reader questions


    Fred Langa

    By Fred Langa

    The AskWoody email servers have been busy! This week’s column features three interesting questions and tips submitted by your fellow subscribers.

    First up: We look at several potential workarounds for OneDrive backup issues.

    Second: A reader encounters the one time when an unexpected reboot doesn’t necessarily signify trouble.

    And last: A malfunctioning copy of File Explorer resists all repair attempts!

    Read the full story in the AskWoody Plus Newsletter 19.08.0 (2022-02-21).

  • Weird hibernation state on reboot attributed to Win7 patches

    We have two reports here on AskWoody of Win7 hibernation (?) problems after installing recent Win7 Monthly Rollups.

    An anonymous poster:

    I installed KB 4074598 on my Windows 7 Desktop PC (I use AMD stuff etc) and it kept putting my PC into a weird hibernation state when trying to restart.. every single time. It wouldn’t show input from the monitors, mouse/keyboard, but the tower would still be running. To get out of this state I had to turn off the PC directly from the button on the tower itself, then turn it back on. It didn’t even do that “windows shut down unexpectedly” thing when you force turn off the PC.

    And a summary of reports on other forums, compliments of @amraybit.

    Looks like the problems started with the January Monthly Rollup, KB 4056894, and continue with this month’s Monthly Rollup KB 4074598. It seems to impact both Intel and AMD chips.

    Ben1907 on the Microsoft Answers forum has had some success, without uninstalling the patch:

    I checked my C-State settings on my ASUS P8P67-M motherboard and they were set to the default settings in the ASUS manual.

    • C1E [enabled]
    • C3 Report [disabled]
    • C6 Report [enabled]

    Playing around by setting different combinations, I found the C1E enabled/disabled did not matter, so left it enabled. However, by setting C6 Report to DISABLED, I have now been able to perform a normal restart/reboot from Windows 7. Tried at least half dozen times and all good so far.

    Thanks for investigating this and putting me on the right path to correct this issue. Microsoft has caused me so many lost hours of troubleshooting problems they inject with updates you wonder if they have any quality control.


  • Microsoft revises warning for massive February IE security rollup KB 3034682

    If you’ve already manually installed the February Black Tuesday patches, you should go back and see if there’s still one patch left in the Windows Update hopper.

    Microsoft threw a monkey wrench into the works.

    InfoWorld Tech Watch