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  • Windows 7 RC Release Notes are up

    In preparation for The Next Server Meltdown, Microsoft has just posted the Release Notes for the Windows 7 Release Candidate.

    Some interesting stuff. For example, if you have any of these PCs,

    HP 2140 Mini-Note PC, HP Compaq 2230s Notebook, HP Compaq 6530b, HP Compaq 6530s, HP Compaq 6531s, HP Compaq 6730b, HP Compaq 6730s, HP Compaq 6830s, HP EliteBook 2530p, HP EliteBook 2730p, HP EliteBook 6930p, HP EliteBook 8530p, HP EliteBook 8530w Mobile Workstation, HP EliteBook 8730w Mobile Workstation

    The install of Windows 7 RC may fail with an error message saying Iastor.sys is missing. If that happens to you, look at the Release Notes for a solution.

    There are also known problems with AppLocker, IE8 page rendering, VPN, the Windows Live Photo Gallery connection to Windows Media Player, some extra see-through parts in the taskbar, playback of high bit rate MPEGs, and Search under very unusual circumstances.

    Let the games begin…