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  • Calling all Teams, Slack and Zoom gurus

    There’s lots of competition right now for free collaboration/meeting software.

    Microsoft says that use of Teams has spiked 40% in the past week.

    Slack says it’s added 7,000 new users in the past seven weeks.

    Zoom hasn’t released any usage numbers lately (at least none I’ve found), but I’m seeing lots and lots of references to it. Kids in my son’s school are all over it.

    And, yes, I know there’s Skype for Business and Cisco. Go boomers.

    Each is different, and there are certain situations where each has obvious benefits.

    What I want to know is if you have specific, real-world experience with any two of them and, if so, which did you end up using more frequently? Why?

  • The lowdown on Microsoft Teams

    Today marks general availability of Microsoft Teams, the Slack-like communication product that’s now part of the paid Office 365 E3 and E5 packages.

    Galen Gruman has an unbiased take at InfoWorld:

    Teams is underwhelming in its formal debut and definitely not a match for the hype Microsoft has been providing since October 2016. For a product so late to market, Microsoft should have delivered much more…

    Slack is great, and no one needs Teams to replace it.

    If you’re getting caught up in the Teams advertising push, take a minute to read the rest of the story.