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  • Oracle buys Sun

    And it only cost $7.4 billion.

    Reuters reports a very interesting reaction from Steve Ballmer, who no doubt knew all the details seconds after the agreement was reached.

  • Sun won’t turn blue after all


    Two good merger rumors and they both turn belly-up.

    Google probably won’t buy Twitter. And IBM (almost) definitely won’t buy Sun.

  • Google to Twit?

    Man, the merger rumors are out in full force.

    The New York Times reports that IBM is poised to pay $7 billion for Sun.

    And TechCrunch says they have reports from two independent sources that Google is close to buying Twitter.

    Must be something in the water.

    UPDATE: Kara Swisher at All Things Digital says, “In fact, Twitter and Google (GOOG) have simply been engaged in “some product-related discussions,” according to one source, around real-time search and the search giant better crawling the microblogging service.”

    So why does the rumor get such traction? Because Google buying Twitter makes a whole lotta sense, for both sides.

  • Scott McNealy turning blue, as IBM corners the server market?

    I don’t like to mention rumors in AskWoody (well, not too often, anyway), but it looks like the rumored acquisition of Sun Microsystems by IBM may be under way. (See the NY Times article.) At $7,000,000,000, it’s no bargain, but the merged company will boast more than 40% of the server market.

    That can’t be good news for Microsoft.