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  • Edge Workspaces for work and play

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    ISSUE 21.06 • 2024-02-05

    Mary BranscombeBy Mary Branscombe

    Given how often we all share links to webpages, it’s past time for some tools to manage that better. Workspaces is Microsoft’s latest attempt to share and organize Web links with a group of friends or colleagues.

    Tab groups in the Edge browser are great for organizing yourself, especially now that you can sync between your different desktop devices. But they don’t help with organizing Web links you need to send to someone else, or the ones other people send to you.

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  • How to manage tabs in Edge


    Mary Branscombe

    By Mary Branscombe

    Microsoft’s browser has multiple ways to manage, group, and share tabs.

    Tools for managing the tabs in your Web browser are nothing new, but Edge has multiple options, depending on whether you want to categorize, sync, or share those tabs. It even has some clever tricks to teach familiar old tab groups — including a long-requested feature which appeared just last week.

    A key aspect I’ll cover here is the difference between groups and collections.

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