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  • A note of caution when using proxies, VPNs or TOR to get to AskWoody

    Proxies/VPNs /Tors encrypt the data from the source to the server, but on the other end it’s not encrypted from the server to the destination. That means if you use a VPN to get to AskWoody, which is perfectly fine, the IP address we see here may be from a known-spammy (or known-aggressive) source.

    The purpose (for “normal” people) is to disguise the source to avoid tracking, but the “bad guy” use it for the same purpose.

    Consequently, the IP addresses issued by the proxies/VPNs /Tors may have a dirty history.

    Firewalls and Spam filters (both of which AskWoody has, and employs vigorously) build blacklists of the series of IP addresses used by bots, spammers and hackers for nefarious purposes.

    If the proxies/VPNs /Tors connect you to AskWoody with bad IP addresses, you can be rejected/refused connection.

    Please be sure your proxies/VPNs /Tors service provides you with “clean” IP addresses because we have no control over the blocking.