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  • Unconscious bias and hiring



    Unconscious bias and hiring

    Amy Babinchak

    By Amy Babinchak

    One effect of the protests that followed the death of George Floyd is that the term “unconscious bias” is now pasted into the consciousness of most people.

    This includes your clients. Last week, a client called me out after I used the terms “whitelist” and “blacklist” in a blog post about changes to email quarantine that we were rolling out.

    My use of those terms was in no way racially motivated, yet she was right to draw my attention to it. It’s one of many cases where white is used to represent good, and black is bad. We don’t mean it in a racial sense when we use those terms, but that’s where the unconscious part of unconscious bias comes in.

    But what I really want to talk about is how bias affects hiring. I served on the CompTIA Advancing Women in Technology board for four years, and during that time, I was awakened to the bias that causes women to not apply for job openings, to be passed over for interviews, and to leave IT for some other career.

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