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  • Apple’s non-event fall event


    Will Fastie

    By Will Fastie

    The company went into stealth mode.

    On October 18, Apple announced some new products. This fall announcement, coming as it does just before the Christmas season, is usually one of Apple’s Hollywood productions. Not this time. The announcements were so stealthy that I didn’t realize anything had happened until two days later.

    I wasn’t the only one. Other commentators expressed surprise over the handling of these announcements. I can only conclude that these new products were not as dramatically exciting as others, although I found at least one of them notable.

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  • Freeware Spotlight — Staying at home edition


    By Deanna McElveen

    We’re certainly living in a different world right now — social-distancing with friends, co-workers, and others; social-bonding with family.

    Those of us still working are in many cases doing so from home — some with the added complication of kids. And then there’s the drain on our bank accounts. All of which make the community of open-source and freeware software development more important than ever.

    To help you get through the current trials and tribulations, here’s a compendium of utilities and apps, for both adults and kids, that might make your stay-at-home experience a bit easier.

    Here we go …

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