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  • Ed Bott weighs in on two years with Windows 10

    A very interesting analysis from my old friend, Ed Bott at ZDNet. Caution: ZDNet has a stupid sound-tracked video that plays every time I go on the site, so turn your speakers down or off before clicking.

    Here’s one that caught my eye:

    And after more than two years under the microscope, there’s still no evidence from credible security researchers that that data is being used for anything other than its stated purpose of product improvement.

    Compare and contrast that to the new Creators Update option:

    Get more relevant tips and recommendations to tailor Microsoft products and services for your need. Let Microsoft use your diagnostic data to make this work.

    Of course, I’m a loyal member of the tinfoil hat club, but that setting certainly must give everyone pause. Doesn’t it?

    Other than that, I generally agree with Ed’s findings. I’d be interested in hearing your take on Ed’s comments….