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  • New version of Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

    Microsoft has just released an updated version of the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor beta.

    It’s a good tool for testing your Windows XP or Vista computer, to see if there will be any known problems in switching over to Windows 7. The Upgrade Advisor looks at all of the hardware attached to your PC, and scans your installed programs, and warns you if something is known to cause headaches.

    I was surprised to find that one of my printer drivers on my Vista machine is out of date. It’s amazingly thorough.

    Well worth downloading and running – or telling your friends.

  • Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor beta

    If you have a Windows XP SP2 or SP3 computer, or a Vista computer, and you’re wondering whether it’ll handle Windows 7, this one’s for you.

    Microsoft just released the beta version of its Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.

    The installer (which puts a copy of .NET Framework 2.0 on your XP machine if you don’t have .NET Framework already) works just fine, and teh advisor runs great, even on a 100% pirate copy of Windows XP.

    It tells you about potential problems with hardware and with incompatible software. Give it a shot if you’re sitting on a fence about installing th Windows 7 Release Candidate.