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  • Windows 10 information hub

    Zdnet’s Ed Bott has put together an article he calls – [url=]The ultimate Windows 10 information hub: Everything you need in one place[/url]. Ed says if you are “Looking for technical information about Windows 10 releases, new features, known issues, troubleshooting, and tech support?” start there.

    The page is updated frequently. It has links to many of Ed’s articles on various aspects of Windows 10. It also has links to many Microsoft support articles and tools.

    All-in-all it is a good place to start Windows 10 information. Saving a bookmark to this article might be a time-saver in the future

  • Click here for Windows or Office help

    In the upper right corner of this page you’ll see a new tab, marked “Click here for Windows or Office help.” (If you have a better name, I’m all ears.)

    I’m getting inundated with general help questions, and can’t keep up with answering all of them. That’s pretty typical, soon after a new book hits, and when Microsoft becomes unusually inscrutable.

    Instead of starting an AskWoody forum (it’s just too much work!), I’m sending AskWoody visitors off in one of two directions. For general questions, I point to Eileen’s Lounge. (For those of you who have been around for a long time, you’ll realize that many of the key people at Eileen’s Lounge are, in fact, Woody’s Lounge refugees. In the early days, Eileen Wharmby was the driving force behind Woody’s Lounge.)

    If you have a specific, well-honed question, it’s better if you go straight to the Microsoft Answers forum. That forum used to be far too Microsoft-politically-correct for my tastes. They’ve loosened up a lot, though. You’ll often find moderators there who are just as exasperated with Microsoft as many of us are.

    Both of the groups are run by volunteers. Remember that, when you’re ready to tear Microsoft’s lungs out for some transgression.

    For those who have asked, yes, I’ve severed all ties with Windows Secrets Newsletter. Brian Livingston and I built WSN years ago. It started in 2004 when Brian merged his “Brian’s Buzz on Windows” (founded 2003) with my “Woody’s Windows Watch” (founded 1998). The Windows Secrets Lounge was a re-branding of the old Woody’s Lounge (founded 1995). 

    New owners and new policies have driven me from the fold. I still think the world of the crew at WSN — Susan Bradley, whom I quote and work with frequently, Fred Langa, editor Tracey Capen, Kathleen Atkins, Michael Lasky, Lincoln Spector — are fine people who turn out an excellent product. But the new owners, a conglomerate called Penton Technologies, leave me cold.

    Time to turn over a new leaf….