• Windows Secrets landing page

    You’ve been magically transported here from WindowsSecrets.com because, sadly, WindowsSecrets.com is no more. The previous owners handed the baton to the folks who originally started Windows Secrets many years ago (Woody, Fred, Susan, Brian, Tracey) aided and abetted by many of the luminaries you know from recent years (satrow, joep517, Paul T, access-mdb, Microfix, RetiredGeek, bbearren, browni, many more) and a rogue’s gallery of unprecedented proportions.

    You can browse around on AskWoody to your heart’s content. You can even post questions anonymously, but I would recommend that you retrieve your Windows Secrets logon username and put it to use.

    When we merged Windows Secrets into AskWoody, we took one of two approaches:

    If you already had an AskWoody account with the same email address as your Windows Secrets account, all of your Windows Secrets activity has been merged into the AskWoody account. Just use your AskWoody account as you would normally.

    If you didn’t have an AskWoody account with the same email address, we took your Windows Secrets username and stuck “WS” on the front of it. If your Windows Secrets logon was BillGates, for example, your AskWoody username is now WSBillGates. You should be able to find all of your posts — and I mean all of them, going back forever — under the username WSBillGates. Hi, Bill.

    Even though we brought across your username (possibly with “WS” in front), your email address, the contents of your logon record, and all of your posts, we didn’t bring anything else. Nothing. No passwords. No payment information. Nothing that could be compromising or difficult.

    Which means that, if you have a “WS” username, your first goal should be to retrieve your password. That’s easy. In the upper right corner, type in your “WS” username and click Lost Password. With any luck at all, in a few seconds, you’ll get an email with password reset instructions. If you don’t get the email, don’t fret. First, check in your spam folder and/or Trash and/or Everything folder. If you don’t see it there, send me mail at CustomerSupport@AskWoody.com and I’ll get you set up manually.

    Everything should be right where you left it, although the forum structure has changed a bit. Links to posts on Windows Secrets should (there’s that word again!) automatically redirect to this site. If you see anything problematic, shoot me mail (CustomerSupport@AskWoody.com) and I’ll try to fix it.

    Things will be rocky for a week or two, but with a bit of luck — and help from many very talented people — you should find your new home as hospitable as your old one. And one whole heck of a lot more stable.

    What next? Check out our real Welcome page. And happy clicking.

    — Woody